brooklyn spaces – the book!

My darling dears, I’m delighted to announce the most exciting news:

Brooklyn Spaces is going to be a book!

Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Outrageous Hubs of Culture & Creativity will be published by the wonderful Monacelli Press in Spring 2015, and I’ll be writing it this summer.

I want this book to showcase all the most brilliant, bizarre, and beautiful places Brooklyn has to offer. So I’d love to hear from you! Tell me which spaces are the most important to you, and the most important to making Brooklyn what it is today. Find me at, or on the Bk Spaces Facebook & Twitter, and let me know which spaces I absolutely MUST include.

The output on the site will be a bit lean in the coming months, but I’ll do my best to put up a thing or two. And of course I’ll be keeping up the calendar, so please continue to check there for all the most wonderful things to do in our most wonderful borough.

And now, if you’ll excuse me…