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Oriana Leckert of Brooklyn Spaces: What’s Happening!” by Kristin Iversen
Brooklyn Spaces is a place to go to find out anything and everything that’s happening in the Brooklyn DIY/arts/performance/music/creative scene.

Brooklyn Spaces: Capturing the Ephemeral and Enduring Spaces That Make Brooklyn Weird” by Allison Meier
Brooklyn has a lot of offbeat spaces to explore, and for that there is Brooklyn Spaces. The online “compendium of Brooklyn culture and creativity” is run by the adventurous Oriana Leckert.

Brooklyn Spaces” by Elyssa Goodman
Oriana Leckert Chronicles Past and Present Underground on Brooklyn Spaces

Brooklyn Spaces: A Compendium of Unique Places in Brooklyn” by Rusty Blazenhoff
Oriana Leckert started Brooklyn Spaces as a way to profile the “unique, weird and fascinating places” located in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Spaces: Chronicling Weird Shit Before It Gets Condemned / Gentrified” by Erica Sackin
Full of gorgeous photos and in-depth profiles on the history of each space, her site will let you see what you’ve been missing, or maybe evern finally figure out the name of that place you stumbled into in a drunken late-night stupor.

Documenting All the Cool Stuff Brooklyn Is Slowly Losing” by Joshua Kopstein
We owe it to the future generations of people complaining about cool shit vanishing in Brooklyn to document all these spaces before they, like their throngs of admirers, evaporate into passing clouds of gentrification or city-approved destruction.


Newww.York” by Charlie Suisman
Brooklyn Spaces channels the energy of the borough by looking at its music venues, galleries, boutiques, collectives, and any of the lesser-known, but essential places that have rocked the borough in the last decade.