bushwick music studios

neighborhood: east williamsburg | space type: music venue | active: 2009–2010 | links: myspacefacebook

Bushwick Music Studios was an underground music venue in the heart of the East Williamsburg Industrial Park. It was totally unfussy—just a tiny bright blue windowless room in a nondescript warehouse, with a handmade balcony for the soundboard, DIY lighting, and a makeshift bar selling Four Loko and PBR. But during its yearlong run, it became one of the staples of Brooklyn’s underground music scene, packing in over a hundred sweaty kids on most nights. BMS’s early shows were block-wide, all-night affairs, with music blasting from several adjacent unoccupied warehouses.

Tito, who started the space, ran it with a very socialist attitude, encouraging anyone who wanted to get involved to come by and book a show or help with promotion. The space was highly illegal, with no liquor license, no fire-prevention system, and serious over-occupancy issues on most nights.

BMS was only a few blocks from some other great Brooklyn spaces, including Werdink / Ninja Pyrate, Shea StadiumHouse of Yes3rd Ward, and Bushwick Project for the Arts. When Tito left town, the space changed hands and became The Archeron.

photos by Maximus Commissar

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